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SCHOCK’s ProHygienic 21 Antibacterial Technology Makes its Patented CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE+® Sinks Hygienic, Food Safe and Easy to Clean

Posted: Jul 14, 2015
The German manufacturer of granite composite sinks offers a proprietary non-porous, hygienic solution that’s patented and certified by Germany’s LGA

(Levittown, PA, July 14, 2015) SCHOCK is the world’s first manufacturer to advance antibacterial properties with its exclusive ProHygienic 21 non-porous finish for its CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE+® sink collections. ProHygienic 21 is a patented surface that creates a natural barrier that is hostile to bacteria, ensuring optimum hygiene and safety. ProHygienic 21 is specifically developed to handle the demands of the kitchen, making it extremely easy to clean and food safe. The ProHygienic 21 surface and its hygienic properties have been tested and certified by Germany’s LGA.

“The newly developed technology by SCHOCK sets a standard for the industry with a proprietary non-porous finish that leaves no place for bacteria to thrive,” says Ken Fey, president and CEO of SCHOCK North America. “Innovation is at the core of SCHOCK. Our technologies, such as ProHygienic 21, allow consumers to use and maintain their CRISTADUR

®and CRISTALITE+®sinks safely and effortlessly. We like to say it’sClean As Clean Can Be!

“The sink is without a doubt the most utilized fixture in the kitchen,” continues Fey. “If you have a rough surface where you are introducing food, you are inviting bacteria growth. This is why we created our SCHOCK Lotus effect. In essence, our premium material’s ultra-fine nanostructure means food and liquids that could be a breeding ground for bacteria find it impossible to gain a foothold to grow.” SCHOCK´s patented ProHygienic 21 surface is 100% pore-free, making it impenetrable to bacteria, Fey further explains, adding, “ProHygienic 21 is also a holistic surface-structure alternative to chemical antimicrobials, and it makes for an easy-to-clean sink in the process.”

SCHOCK, the original inventor of the granite composite sink, holds over ninety patents, according to Fey. In addition to granite sinks, the company offers faucets and accessories to enhance the distinctive design and function of SCHOCK sinks. The US launch of SCHOCK introduced twelve sink models, which are now available in fifteen colors, including the new Vintage hue, and two materials—CRISTADUR and CRISTALITE+


SCHOCK invented the granite sink more than three decades ago. Approximately three quarters of nearly 2 million granite sinks produced in the world annually use the SCHOCK method of manufacturing, establishing the brand as an international leader in granite composite sink technology. SCHOCK is the only manufacturer to produce its award-winning, handmade granite sinks exclusively in Germany, where its material technologies, including CRISTADUR®, CRISTALITE+®, and ProHygienic 21 reinforce outstanding designs in the newest color trends. To learn more about SCHOCK North America and its line of premium granite sinks, faucets, and accessories, visit www.schockamerica.com or call 1-844-SCHOCK-P (724-6257).


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